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Dragon1 Enterprise Intelligence Software is een Softwarebedrijf gelegen aan Costerweg 1M in Wageningen.

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Dragon1 Enterprise Architecture is driving digital transformation by using AI data management and visualization. The platform allows for the visualization of data to analyze and improve strategy, goals, projects, and innovation. It also supports systems engineering and the implementation of digital transformation technologies such as IoT, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. The Dragon1 software platform includes an AI chatbot for increased customer engagement and decision-making. It offers support for strategic planning, analysis, design, and continuous improvement. The platform also provides tools for generating strategic management reports, creating enterprise views, and comparing competitive advantages. It can be used by CIOs, IT managers, architects, and stakeholders to realize strategic goals, manage change, and mitigate risks. Dragon1 is known for working with enterprise architecture in 110 countries and is trusted by governments, global companies, and universities. It supports various architecture designs and frameworks such as Zachman Framework, TOGAF, and ArchiMate. The platform also offers solutions for business innovation, agile integration, and portfolio management. Artificial intelligence is used to ensure data security by allowing users to search for patterns and detect irregularities. Overall, Dragon1 provides a comprehensive solution for enterprise architecture management and digital transformation.

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